AFUL Magic One Review

Today, we will be examining the AFUL Magic One single BA universal in-ear monitor, which costs $139 USD.


Disclaimer: The AFUL Magic One was provided by HiFiGo.


AFUL is a new brand to me and many others. However, upon researching them further, I discovered they already have an established website and Facebook page. Their first product was the Performer 5 hybrid IEM, which I had the opportunity to test. Then came the Performer 8 and now the Magic One.

We have always aimed to design quality products that deliver high-end performance while coming at a mid-range price tag.

AFUL was founded in 2018 and after all the effort and establishment of their R&D team, they decided to make their debut with the Performer 5. You can see lots of reviews about this IEM online. One can say that they managed to create a good impression in the market. 

You can also check out our AFUL Performer 8 below. These are both recommended IEMs on Headfonia.

Magic One

The AFUL Magic One is an in-ear monitor that features a single balanced armature driver. According to AFUL, this IEM is the result of a 3-year-long research effort. They have developed a full-frequency balanced armature driver that is customized with premium materials and constructed with attention to detail.

AFUL has opted to use a personalized balanced armature driver for the MagicOne instead of relying on the available BA drivers in the market. This customized driver is responsible for providing a seamless, full-frequency response that has a natural and flexible timbre and tone, again, AFUL claims. 

One feature that stands out in the Magic One is the new, specially designed long and ultra-thin acoustic tube, which, according to AFUL, enables the balanced armature driver to deliver a precise, powerful, and accurate lower-end response.

 The shells are artistically designed with the theme of ”Snowflakes Fall”. It comes with a high-purity hybrid stock cable, which is an SPC one with a Litz Type 4 Coaxial shielded structure.

Here are the rest of the specs:

– Impedance: 38Ω.

– Sensitivity: 103dB/mW.

– Frequency Response: 5Hz-25kHz.

– Passive Isolation: 26dB.

– Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm.

– Termination: 3.5mm/4.4mm.

– Cable Length: 1.2m.

Overall Experience

After opening the box, you’ll find earpieces, six pairs of silicone tips, and a carrying case. Though the case isn’t anything special, it gets the job done adequately. The build quality is better than the standard for a budget-level product. The IEMs look clean, neat, and premium, thanks to the clear shell that allows you to see the internals, making it nicely packed and clean-cut. I was impressed by the build quality and did not expect to see a filled shell in this price range.

The nozzles have a seamless connection to the shells, ensuring no worries regarding the build quality. Except for the clear shells, the Magic One has the same design as the Performer 5 and 8, both in terms of shape and build. I also found the cable to look premium. You can order a 3.5mm or 4.4mm cable, depending on your preference.

The IEM fits excellently, with a small and thin footprint. So it doesn’t protrude from your ears and that results in a very comfortable experience. The supplied tips work very well but to improve your experience you can always try some foams, SpinFit tips, or the new and popular Xelastec tips.

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