Campfire Audio Black Star Review

In today’s article we review the new $999 USD Campfire Audio Black Star, a hybrid IEM.


Disclaimer: Campfire Audio sent the Black Star IEM in exchange for our opinion. The review reflects my honest opinion.

Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio has solidified its reputation as a premier brand in the portable audiophile market, boasting a dedicated following since its inception in 2015.

Notably, their Andromeda model garnered immense popularity, so much so that a 2020 version was later released, alongside their other acclaimed releases like the Trifecta, Solaris, and Bonneville models. You can still get the classic Andromeda in its final form.

Campfire Audio has been known for putting musical enjoyment to the front, and that’s why they have a distinct fan fair. We reviewed the Bonneville just a while ago, as below:

Black Star

The Campfire Audio Black Star represents the brand’s latest foray into the IEM market, boasting a hybrid design featuring a 10mm dynamic driver (DD) and three balanced armature (BA) drivers. Encased in a sleek stainless steel body, the Black Star exudes a robust and industrial aesthetic.

Promising a balanced sound signature over an overpowering tuning, Campfire Audio designed the Black Star to appeal to audiophiles seeking a natural, cohesive, and well-balanced listening experience.


Arriving in a vibrant cardboard box adorned with a captivating space theme, complete with a central black hole motif, the packaging immediately captures attention. Unlike conventional high-end audio products, Campfire’s packaging boasts an authentic and distinctive aesthetic.

Inside the box, the Black Star IEMs are nestled in a pocket bag alongside a leather IEM wallet, a compact mesh carrying case, and two “Time Stream” cables. A paper bag containing ear tips, a cleaning cloth, and a tool ensures the IEMs remain in pristine condition. The inclusion of both 4.4mm and 3.5mm jacks on identical cables eliminates the need for adapters, enhancing the unboxing experience.

Design & Build Quality

In contrast to Campfire’s signature colourful designs, the Black Star sports a more understated aesthetic with its stainless steel construction, black PVD faceplates, and white stock cable. The professional-looking design is complemented by robust build quality, featuring a mono block chassis and metal nozzles for enhanced durability.

The build quality is excellent, with a robust body and monoblock chassis. The nozzles are made of metal, adding to the overall durability. The MMCX connectors are quite stiff, which makes them feel more durable. The cable has great tensile strength and rigidity, and the connectors are very sturdy. Overall, the build quality of the Black Star is fantastic. 


The Black Star’s unique shape may require some adjustment, particularly for those accustomed to Campfire’s recent Chromatic Series. Unlike the Bonneville, which I found easy to fit, these took me a little longer to adjust to. I found the foam tips worked best with this model, as the silicon tips were too short for my liking.

While silicon tips are an option, deeper ones are recommended for a flush fit, though foam tips provide optimal comfort and isolation. The chassis shape ensures a secure and comfortable fit, with foam tips offering nearly custom-level isolation. However, keep in mind that everyone’s ear anatomy is different, so your experience may vary. With foam tips, the Black Star fit nicely and provide excellent isolation.The level of isolation is pretty good for a universal monitor as well.

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