FiiO FT3 32 Ohm Review

Today we review the FiiO FT3 32 Ohm, a full-size open-back dynamic headphone from FiiO, which goes for $299 USD.


Disclaimer: The FiiO FT3 32 Ohm was sent to me by FiiO. Many thanks for the opportunity. This review reflects my honest opinion as always.

This article consists of identical sections to the original FT3 review.


FiiO is a brand that needs no introduction, it is a well-renowned player in the world of audio. In case you’re not aware of them yet, you can quickly visit their store or official website to get acquainted with their line of products. FiiO boasts a vast range of portable audio devices and strives to compete in every field it operates in. 

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FT3 32 Ohm

The new FiiO FT3 was FiiO’s take on an open-back dynamic driver headphone, but now they created a 32-ohm version of it so you can drive it more easily. It features a very large 60mm driver, with an LCP aluminium gasket. Its cable is produced from High-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper, and the outer chassis is made from aluminium alloy.

Compared to the 350 Ohm version, the gasket is from aluminium versus the beryllium on the 350, and the cable is not made by Furukawa this time around, for a shorter and more ergonomic design I suppose.


The headphone arrives in a hard cardboard box, which stores the brown-coloured bag which is high quality. Inside, you have three different cable plugs; XLR, 4.4mm, and 3.5mm. You also have a 6.3mm adapter for full-size amps. FiiO includes its swappable cable plugs with the FT3, just like their latest IEM offerings. So you have all of the plugs available for any scenario, which is very nice.

The package of course includes the stock copper cable. The cable is highly reminiscent of the HD800/HD800S stock cable with its thick build. You also get two different earpads; suede and leather. I’ll discuss the differences between comfort and sound later on in this review for sure. For now, I’d say for the price the unboxing experience is very good.

Design & Build

The design of the new FiiO headphone is rather subdued and ordinary, with a full black aluminium build that is not striking in any way. The design of the ear cups, especially their “fan blade” look, seems questionable to me, as it doesn’t look very original or authentic. In my opinion, the FT3 32 Ohm doesn’t quite look like an audiophile headphone. Instead, it gives the impression of a standard, ordinary headphone or a gaming headphone. Of course, opinions can differ, but that’s just my take on it.

On the other hand, the build quality of the headphone is quite strong. The FT3 32 Ohm has no plastic parts, which feels excellent in hand. The ear cups, grills, headband, and yokes are all made of aluminium, making them look and feel extra durable. Additionally, the inner side of the headband and the suede earpads have a very soft and high-quality finish. Overall, the build quality of this headphone is fantastic, especially considering the $299 USD price tag.

Other than 32 Ohm markings on the inside, it’s impossible to distinguish the 32 from the 350 version. 


The FT3 32 Ohm weighs 395 grams, which is not quite light but not heavy either. Considering the driver size and aluminium parts, this is a normal weight.  That’s the weight advantage of dynamic driver headphones.

The size adjustment mechanism is different to most headphones. Instead of sliding the earcups, you only slide the headband. And you can do that while wearing the headphone because the headband slides itself when you’re applying the force of wearing it, so that’s a nice ergonomic touch. The FT3 32 Ohm also has a 3-axis swivelling design to improve comfort. The earpads are made from suede and leather respectively, and you can choose whichever you like.

Overall I found the comfort to be good, but not great. Especially the earcup size is the problematic part for me, as I think they should’ve been larger and deeper for better comfort. Also, the headband could’ve been wider with less resistance. This should improve and loosen up over time but overall, the FT3 32 Ohm, to me, isn’t very comfortable. But of course, your experience might differ.


The cable, as mentioned, is reminiscent of the HD800 series, and was too long with the 350 Ohm version but it’s shortened for the 32 Ohm variant, probably for better ergonomics with portable sources. The cable is good quality it’s overall comfortable once you tidy it up with the provided strap. 

You have three different cable plugs and they’re interchangeable. Swapping them is not difficult at all, and it’s a good design and solution by FiiO. Speaking of plugs, the connectors to the headphone are 3.5mm standard, so aftermarket cable rolling is easy. Good choice there. 

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