HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Review

Today, we review the HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Dynamic Driver Headphones selling for $379 USD.


Disclaimer: HifiGo sent us the HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite for this review. As always, I am here to share my honest experience with the product.


HarmonicDyne is a CN-based company that emerged in 2020 as an endeavor and one of the house brands of the Linsoul. They specialize in the research and development of audiophile headphones. Lately, they have expanded their product range to include IEMs. They have developed six headphones and two IEMs as of now.

The Zeus Elite is the result of HarmonicDyne’s endeavour to deliver a better sounding headphone based on feedback on the original Zeus released two years ago. The company has gained global recognition through successful crowdfunding campaigns for its products, including the Helios, Zeus, and Poseidon headphones, all of which offer good performance, bespoke craftsmanship, and affordability.

HarmonicDyne aims to continue designing and carefully manufacturing headphones that are accessible to a wide audience. Let’s see how the revised and upgraded flagship, the Zeus Elite, performs today on Headfonia.

Zeus Elite – 50mm Dynamic Suspension Diaphragm Headphones

The HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite is a dynamic open-back headphone that has been upgraded with HarmonicDyne’s new 50mm long-stroke layered diaphragm, which is designed to enhance clarity, definition, and dynamic range. The diaphragm utilizes a composite biomembrane that promises improved bass response and a smoother, more refined treble. To drive this diaphragm efficiently, the Zeus Elite utilizes an ultralight Japanese Daichi CCAW premium voice coil, which, along with strong magnetism and superior magnetic field design, improves the headphone’s sound reproduction. The headphones weigh approximately 360 grams and feature full swiveling cups. The Zeus Elite can be ordered from HifiGo for 379 USD. Here are the technical details & highlights.

  • Driver: 50mm Long-Stroke Layered Dynamic Driver with Composite Bio-Membrane Diaphragm & Japanese CCAW Voice Coil
  • THD+N: 0.25%
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Cables: Includes two custom 4-braid SCC & SPC hybrid cables with 4.4mm & 4-Pin XLR terminations.
  • Approx. Dimensions: 210x175x105mm
  • Weight: 360 grams.

Packaging & Accessories

The Zeus Elite arrives in a large metal briefcase padded with foam. I was surprised upon receiving the Zeus Elite. I didn’t expect to see a large metal briefcase-style packaging. The front and back of the case are made from transparent plexiglass, allowing you to see the patterned faceplates of the ear cups inside.

It’s fair to say that the presentation is quite good for the price. Around the case is a cardboard outer sleeve featuring a drawing of the Zeus Elites, which adds to the overall unboxing experience. On the back of the sleeve, you’ll find a list of product features and package contents.

Opening the case to the accessory compartment continues the surprise, as the Zeus Elite comes bundled with two premium cables. Both cables feature a hybrid wire structure of single-crystal copper and silver-plated copper. One of the cables has an XLR 4-pin termination, and the other comes with a 4.4mm plug, meaning both cables provided are balanced.

On the headphone side, a dual 3.5mm socket has been selected, which helps with cable swapping or potential upgrades in the future. No other accessories are included in the package. Perhaps an additional ear pad could have been included in this premium package, but I have confirmed and learned that they can be obtained through distributors if needed, priced at $45 USD.

Design, Build Quality & Comfort

The Zeus Elite combines plastic, wood, and metal in its construction. The headband’s inner skeleton is metal, and the band itself is cushioned with a soft filler. It features the very same velvety fabric as the ear pads. The ear pads are made from a suede fabric and leather hybrid with perforated inner walls.

The ear cups and headband joints are accented with zebra wood, lending the headphones a distinctive and elegant look. The metal grilles facing outside have an aesthetic intertwining pattern and a matte black finish, with a thin mesh underneath to protect the internal components. At the bottom of the ear cups, you’ll find the 3.5mm cable sockets. The cups are designed to swivel in four directions and can rotate to lie flat, making them more compact for transport. The mechanism for adjusting the headband is straightforward and offers a good range of adjustments.

The headphones feel light in hand and on the head, especially for a full-size open-back model. Moreover, the headband provided good weight distribution for my head anatomy, so I did not encounter any comfort issues during my testing phase. The clamping force is also adequate, so the pressure around the ears is just right, providing a decent seal for this type of headphone design.

The ear cushions are comfortable, allowing extended periods of use without itching or aching. They offer good padding, and I was quite happy with the stock pads provided. Additionally, the ear pads can be replaced if desired, adding to the longevity of the headphones.


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