Vision Ears VE10 Review’s review is about the all-new Vision Ears VE10 high-end universal IEM which costs €2.780 EUR.

Disclaimer: The Vision Ears VE10 is shipped directly from Vision Ears and the unit is the universal version. This review reflects my honest opinion as always.

Vision Ears

If you are a reader of Headfonia, then you’re probably familiar with Vision Ears. They design and manufacture a range of in-ear monitors (IEMs). This is the second time I’ve received a unit from them, the first being the VE7. Having tried their entire lineup, I can confidently say that Vision Ears is a special IEM manufacturer from Cologne, Germany.

If you need more in-depth information about them, check out our Q&A post with Marcel Schönen and Amin Karimpour. These individuals are the co-founders of the brand and possess commendable knowledge and expertise. I have interacted with them in the past and they are very pleasant to deal with.

Of course, we have a bit of history with Vision Ears. Everything started with the VE6X Control review in 2014. Then followed the VE5 in 2015, the former flagship VE8 in 2017, and VE3.2 & Elysium in 2019. Fast forward to the 2020s, we checked out the EVE20, VE7, Phönix and EXT models. You can still get all of these models from Vision Ears, as they still produce all of them.


Vision Ears’ portfolio is divided into two main categories; the VE Line and the Premium Line. The VE Line consists of the classic VE models made in both custom and universal forms. The Premium Line has VE’s technologically advanced models, mainly for audiophile listening. These are only sold in a universal form, except for the Elysium.

Now the VE line has a new flagship; the VE10. It has been a long-awaited one after the VE8 was released almost 7 years ago. This new TOTL comes with a new hybrid driver configuration, the first time in the VE lineup after full BA setups for many years. This also marks the 10th anniversary of Vision Ears, so it’s safe to say that it’s a timely release.

The VE10 combines the power of nine balanced-armature drivers with an 8mm dynamic driver. The dynamic driver is used for the first time in the VE line. I find that to be an important decision because the VE line is usually associated with a studio type of sound, therefore a subdued and controlled bass response. Now we have a dynamic driver for bass, and we’ll see how it performs.

The new features don’t end there. For the first time in the VE line, the chassis is made from anodized aluminium, not acrylic. That makes this signature design quite special and cool looking. When we talked with Marcel in CanJam London 2023, I was informed that this was not only aesthetic-oriented, it was also made for acoustic reasons. That’s why the custom version of the VE10 isn’t quite ready yet, and VE is planning to make it available in Q1 2024.


The unboxing experience of the Vision Ears VE10 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to premium presentation. The package arrives encased in a white-coloured paper, revealing a robust box upon removal, prominently displaying the VE10 and Vision Ears logos. Sliding off the outer sleeve unveils the interior, showcasing the substantial VE logo atop the box—a logo that dynamically shifts colours depending on the angle of light.

Inside, the left compartment houses the signature carrying case, while the right side holds a selection of accessories, accompanied by a message in both German and English urging users to “always stay clean.”

The accessory box contains a comprehensive array of items, including a lapel pin as a token of appreciation, a specialized cleaning cloth and tool, and SpinFit and AZLA ear tips. Notably, Vision Ears provides a stickable plaque bearing their logo, a thoughtful addition for enthusiasts.

Two pairs of spare nozzle filters are included, accompanied by detailed instructions illustrating their replacement process. The carrying case itself is designed to accommodate the IEMs and features a premium design and feel. It is another departure from the classic metal case of the VE series, switching to a lighter, more luxurious design.

Build Quality & Design

The Vision Ears VE10 showcases a remarkable shift in design philosophy, departing from the conventional acrylic construction in the VE lineup. The decision to move away from acrylic shows the need to advance both the sonic performance and physical robustness of their flagship model. This suggests that the VE10 isn’t just a visual upgrade but an enhancement in structural integrity and sonic refinement.

The VE10 is built nicely with a seamless design and sleek aesthetics. The new material feels better than the previous VE line offerings with a rigid construction. One notable design element is the brushed aluminium faceplate section, featuring the distinctive “X” logo, creating an eye-catching contrast against the rest of the matte faceplate and chassis.

The 2-pin sockets are also built to last with a good grip on the 2-pin connectors of the cable. The nozzles have a different design this time though, with nozzle filters attached on the tips.

The VE10 has a very robust, down-to-earth, professional design language with its signature version, suited for audiophiles and professionals. Its impressive visual appeal is complemented flawlessly by the stock cable, selected to harmonize with the VE10’s design. The integration between the IEMs and the cable culminates in a design that feels refined, balanced and cohesive.

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